Raised On Radio likes to keep it simple - we're a bunch of guys that love fun music. We started out as a tribute to Journey, and then expanded to cover songs from the 80s. From there, we've reached out as far back as the late 60s to today's music. We like music that people have fun listening to, so we try to keep things on a positive note.  Even in our name, we play to pinpoint that feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio. It might be something you haven't heard in awhile; but the minute you hear it, it brings you back to that feeling you had when you first heard that song, and what you were doing at the time.

When you come to a show, don't be shy! We love hanging out with old and new friends alike when we're not on stage. We are Marc on vocals and rhythm guitar, Stu on the bass, Dennis on guitar, Charlie on the keys, and Frankie on the skins. Surviving a couple changes in the lineup, Raised On Radio has been playing since 1999. Each member brings with him 30 to 40 years of experience on his instrument.

Being that we're all "raised on radio", have you ever surprised yourself by singing along to a song you never bothered to learn the words to? You've just heard it so many times, you just absorbed it over the years. Yeah, well, we have too! If there's a song you'd like to hear that doesn't happen to be in our set list, or even our catalog, there's a good chance we'll figure it out by the time Frankie hits the 4-count. So feel free to ask! And if we can't hit it immediately, just check out our request log - after all, we're here to give you a good time, and we want to play the songs you want to hear. Just don't hold your breath for Testament.

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